Darkstar Skateboards was founded by famous professional skateboarder Chet Thomas in 1997. Chet and the Darkstar Skateboards team founded the company in his garage. The original Darkstar product was actually skateboard wheels and longboard wheels. Chet was tired of skateboard wheels becoming flat and breaking after only a short period of time so he set out to create high quality skateboard wheels.

After his wheels became popular within the skateboarding industry, Chet decided to start creating skateboard decks and then eventually creating complete skateboards. The sale of complete skateboards is what helped to drastically increase the popularity of Darkstar Skateboards and make the brand what it is today. Darkstar Skateboards was eventually acquired by the Dwindle Distribution company and partnered with Globe Skateboarding while keeping Chet Thomas on staff of the Darkstar Skateboard brand.

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