Crep Protect Pre-Treated Laces


Crep Protect Pre-Treated Laces

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The Crep Protect Pre-treated Laces are specially designed to repel liquids and dirt that may absorb into your laces.

Our unique waterproofing technology is woven into every small fibre of our laces to ensure maximum protection, lasting up to 10 washes.
These liquid-proofed laces also come in a variety of styles and colours, so you can choose a pair of laces that best suits your sneaker style.

  • Liquid-Repellent Laces: Maximum protection, 10 washes.
  • Stay Fresh: Guard against dirt and liquids
  • Style Variety: Match your sneaker style
  • 120 cms in length


Q. Is there anything special about these laces?

Yes – Crep Protect technology infused within the fibres of the laces to ensure maximum pre-treated protection.

Q. How long does this protection last?

Typically this protection lasts up to 10 washes.

Q. I see multiple options of laces – is there any difference in performance?

No, we have designed multiple variations of Laces to ensure customers can choose the right model to match their shoe.


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